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Our Current Projects

We have a few projects that are near and dear to our hearts and directly support through our corporate work.

Building A Dream:

Giving a bicycle away to a deserving child who has never owned one is truly a legendary moment.  This was the original moment that lead us to ‘Be Legendary’.  We wanted to feel legendary more often, just like you do when you give a bicycle away.

A bicycle is empowerment and freedom to a child.  The wind in your face and having the ability to go where you want REALLY fast is completely awesome!

From an adult’s point of view, and what we feel is important (because we forget how important that feeling of freedom is), we also need statistics and numbers!  Putting a child on a bicycle before the age of 12 and getting them to ride to school means they are 65% less likely to be obese as an adult.  getting an adolescent to ride a bicycle means they are 48% less likely to be obese as an adult.  WOW!

We have given away thousands of bicycles all over the world through our Building A Dream program.  However, more importantly, we sponsor Bikes for Tykes!

Bikes for TykesEPSON scanner image – an AWESOME organization that is empowering youth, reducing landfill and creating legendary awesomeness everywhere.  This organization is directly funded through us and provides a refurbished bicycle for every bicycle we give away through one our our corporate programs.

There are chapters all over the US.  Please support your local chapter and if there is no local chapter, start one!  Skip Riffle, one of the kindest, legendary people you will every meet, will be happy to walk you through how to set one up and help you get started.

Sole Purpose:  Shoes for Life

New Shoe Prototype

We have been  created a recycled/re-purposed shoe for children in third world countries.  Soles for Souls helps us distribute them all over the world through their contacts.

We don’t simply provide shoes, we provide shoes FOR LIFE! There are several organizations – TOMS Shoes for example – that have been donating shoes and have created great awareness for the need for shoes

Our latest version of shoes for assembly include recycled automobile tire tread and leather uppers that are stitched together by participants in our programs!

We will be creating our first crowdfunding project to put these into massive production in the near future.  We would LOVE your help!

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