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Augment Your Leadership Development Program


/og ment/

1.  make (something) greater by adding to it; increase.
synonyms: increase, add to, build up, enlarge, expand, extend, raise, multiply, swell, grow

There are many common ways we can augment your current leadership development programs and create amazing results with you.

Why augment your current leadership development program?

Most leadership training focuses on skills – communication, delegation, project management, goal setting – which makes perfect sense.  We call these ‘Applications’ of leadership.

However, like a smart phone, there are two additional critical components beyond skills to develop a leader:


We expect people to take care of their ‘Hardware’ – their bodies.  How many leaders are healthy?  Not enough.  Controlling our energy is critical.

Number-2-icon128Operating System

Our mindset, beliefs, values, bias, habits and trust are all pieces of our operating system, but are rarely touched by leadership development programs and if so, just enough to check off the box.

Common Ways to
Augment Your Leadership
with Be Legendary

This is for organizations.  If you are an individual, also look here.

Experiential Content

Looking at your existing content, we will work with you to bring your content to life, making the leadership learning as real as you would like, ‘extreme’ as you like.

Leadership Assessments

Far more than a psychological test, our leadership assessment is highly individualized and whole-life focused.

Executive Development

Many executives have mastered leadership and need the next step.  We provide highly customized development whole life  plans.

Strategic Intervention

From major life crisis to business crisis, we provide highly skilled support to assist your leaders and their teams in the time of greatest need.

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