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Be a Legendary Leader

Not all leaders are legendary.

But all legends are leaders.

Natural Leadership is core development that augments traditional leadership training, connecting training with authenticity to create legendary leaders.

A Natural Leader continually develops in two areas:

Legendary Operating System (LOS):

Elements in a leader that are  permanent or semi-permanent.  Three core elements are always ‘working behind-the-scenes’ and influencing every application.  These elements are the ‘Why’ in our lives:

  • Mindset – interaction between Awareness, Beliefs and Courage to create a foundation that frames every experience and interaction  a leader will have.
  • Trust – Highly developed trust in one’s self comes from knowing and developing your LOS.  You must trust yourself in order to trust others.
  • Habits – Positive and productive habits that will naturally lead me down the road to be a great leader.

Core Applications:

Actions taken based up on the nature of each individual, style and circumstance and are ‘How’ and ‘What’ questions we may ask about leadership.  These applications are easily changed depending if the Legendary Operating System is trusted.

  • Communication – How is my communication going to impact the outcomes?  What if I changed it slightly for a better outcome?  What would I need to do?
  • Continual Learning – What am learning about right now?  What am I reading?
  • Influence – How am I coaching this person?  What could I do differently to help create a different outcome?

Leading Oneself

Leading yourself is essential before we can be a good leader at any greater level of influence.  Leading yourself is a life-long pursuit as you change throughout your life and getting the LOS correct in the beginning is key.

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Leading the

Leaders of the division encounter a new evolution and complexity never before experienced.  Much care must be taken to prepare and support a leader at this level.  The influence they exert is tremendous and the ability to impact others around them is as high as it will ever be.

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Leading Others

Whether transitioning from team member to leader or a veteran leader of individual contributors, leading others is a cornerstone of leadership growth.  If you get leading others wrong, you will never get leadership right at any level.

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Leading the

Whether a small business owner, entrepreneur or executive of a large corporation, the authenticity of your leadership will never be under more scrutiny than now, so the Natural Leader ‘operating system’ must completely congruent with your daily actions.

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Leading Leaders

Leading others is a leap from leading yourself.  The challenges increase dramatically and the competencies in the right applications is critical.  Carefully selecting learning to address new challenges is key.

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Leading the

Creating positive change in a community has unique leadership challenges and requires a different set of applications.  This leader is fare more influential, has less direct power over results and must communicate with absolute clarity at this level.

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Continual Development of the Natural Leader is essential.

As an individual moves higher up the ladder of leadership development, two very important actions need to take place:

  1. The LOS must be intentionally re-examined to ensure it is still applicable.
  2. New applications must be ‘installed’ to address the new challenges the individual will be facing.

We have clearly identified 6 specific levels of leadership and have identified the new challenges, the new applications and some solutions to ensure success.  Below are the 6 levels of leadership.  Select your level of leadership to see what solutions we have for you that will let your legendary leader come out and play.


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