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Entrepreneurial Leaders Club

Entrepreneurial Leaders Club

Entrepreneurial Leaders Club

A transformational journey, inspiring YOUR students to BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES

What is the Entrepreneurial Leaders Club?

What is the Entrepreneurial Leaders Club?

A year-long program broken into three parts:


Community Bike Build


Club Activities & Learning


Kickoff Assembly

Details Below!

Community Bike Build

Remember your first bicycle? That feeling of the wind in your face, the way it felt when you rode without training wheels the first time, how good it felt to ride with your friends.

There are children in your community who will never have that without your help.

When you do help, THIS is what it is like. Watch the video…

Your students participate in an entrepreneurial venture where bicycles are built and given to children who would otherwise never own a bicycle.

This single, amazing act of generosity provides a platform for students to develop the leadership tools they need to become successful in life. It can also be used to create a strong building block and centerpiece for your school’s culture.

See yet another video below:

The look on a child’s face when they receive a bicycle is priceless. And this simple act of generosity makes more of an impact on a child’s life than you can imagine.

Their new bike empowers them with independence, self-esteem and sets the stage for living a healthy lifestyle into adulthood.

Club Activities & Learning

This year long, online program will teach students the necessary skills to execute the Community Bike Build.  Students will learn the following skills sets:

Entrepreneurship – with the Community Bike Build as a platform, students actually learn a trade. At the end of the program, they will be empowered to organize their own Community Bike Build or sell other products through public speaking or one-on-one sales.

Public Speaking – students will speak in front of groups of adults (at Service Clubs), giving a presentation about the epidemic of obesity among our youth today and the impact of putting them on a bicycles.

Sales – every leader is ‘selling’ something, whether it is his/her vision or inspiring people to take action. The Service Club presentations will end with a call to action for them to sponsor putting a child on a bicycle for $250 (a $30 sales commission is given to the school and/or students).

Mentors – Students will also be given the opportunity to interact with legendary CEOs on bi-weekly video conference coaching calls.

Kickoff Assembly

We kick off the program with a Legendary Leaders student assembly, with the highly regarded inspirational speaker John Hawkins.

Leaders are what we need to transform our schools, our communities and our world. Are your students READY for the challenge to become Legendary Leaders?

Students Will Learn the following Leadership Principles:

Vision + Nobility of Purpose + Self-discipline + Belief System = AN ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADER!!

  • Vision – Letting go of the need to be like anyone else and see your own highest potential!
  • Nobility of Purpose – Thinking of others more than yourself, the key to leadership!
  • Belief System – develop a Legendary  Mindset! Start with your attitude EVERYDAY!

What topics does John cover in his ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERS presentations?

  • Academic Success and College Readiness
  • Being a LEADER ON DUTY
  • Goal Setting & Achieving Dreams
  • The Truth about Drinking, Drugs and Sex
  • Health and Wellness Tips for Teens

Meet Your Assembly Speaker: John Hawkins

“My only regret is that I missed an opportunity to invite additional classes to the presentation. I give John my highest recommendation. Great message to all kids from a perspective most or all will never experience. Totally engaged.”


Assembly Preview

Teacher Training

TV Interviews

John's Crime Story

Spreading Legendary Leadership

Our speakers have appeared at these schools, education conferences and news outlets:

A Few Testimonials for John

He made me think about my future.

“I am an active gang member. When I heard John’s presentation, he made me realize it’s better to make money the right way by not selling drugs and he made me think about my future and what I’m going to be.”

– Sebastian, High School Student

Kids respond positively.

“I have observed Mr. Hawkins on many occasions as he related to my students. He talks of goal-setting, values, responsibility, integrity, gangs, drugs and the consequences of one’s actions. Kids respond positively to what he has to say.”

– Bob, Teacher, Madison High School, San Diego

There are consequences for just being around the wrong people.

“I like John’s presentation because he made me realize how there is consequences for just being around the wrong people. He also made me realize how everything is not given to someone, someone turns it.”

– Eduardo, High School Student

Absolutely inspirational.

“John was an absolutely inspirational speaker. All students need to hear his message.”

– Barbara DePass-Smith, Teacher

He has the ability to inspire youth.

“Mr. Hawkins is an exceptional speaker, articulate and organized. He has the ability to inspire youth who were on a destructive path of delinquency. Many participants have told me that after hearing Mr. Hawkins presentation they believe it will make a positive impact on their future decision making.”

– Alex, Gang Intervention Officer, SDPD

Crime never goes down the way you had a planned.

“John Hawkins is a really great speaker. I like how he said the crime never goes down the way you had a planned. Another thing I like is what he said about being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. My favorite part of the presentation is when he talked about finding your natural talents. I would love to find mine and make a living out of it.”

– Jesus, High School Student

On the edge of their seats.

“The students were literally on the edge of their seats throughout the entire presentation.”

– Kevin Nicholls, School Principal

To the point of tears.

“Mr. Hawkins speaks of his remorse to the point of tears. He pleads and encourages teenagers not to take the path that suffered him the consequences of prison. He expresses enthusiasm and determination to give back to society.”

– Dorothy, Teaching Assistant BCA High School


We are SO excited to have your students participate and cannot wait to include quotes from your school here too.

If you have ANY questions about this program, reach out right away and we will spend as much time as you need to ensure this is a good fit for your students and help them become the leaders of tomorrow!

– John Hawkins (800-513-8759 Ext 319) and the Be Legendary Staff

Apply Now

We are only able to support a certain number of schools enrolling in this program at any one time. We want to ensure your students receive the VERY best from us as well so we carefully control school enrollment.


Be Legendary was created to provide people and communities the opportunity to live their most Legendary lives – to Live Outside Your Shell.

Our Community Bike Build program is a stellar way to experience Legendary in your life. The impact made on kids in communities is phenomenal.  The impact upon YOU is incredible as well!

We are a true social enterprise that ties philanthropy with every service we offer. Giving back to the community cannot be separated from what we do.  Giving back and making money CAN happen at the same time.  Future leaders need to experience this.

We have intentionally stayed a for profit company, demonstrating that companies can be for-profit and for purpose at the same time. Being a social enterprise means we are able to continue impacting the world and share our best without requiring outside funding.

A Few Recent Education Customers

We have worked with hundreds of educational organizations with thousands of participants.  Below are a few of the recent educational clients and we would LOVE to add you to the list!

Education – Higher:
Auckland U. of Tech.
Ball State U.
Berkeley College
Bowling Green U.
Central Missouri State U.
City University of HK
Coll. of Commerce, UOA
Coll. of Mt St. Joesphs
College of the Sequoias
CSU, Chico
Dalhousie U.
Fayetteville State U.
Florida International U.
Georgia SW St. U.
George Washington U.
HfB Bus. Sch. of Finance
Lakeshore Technical
Lesley U.
Lewis Clark
Louisiana State U.
Illinois Central College
Illinois Math & Science Academy
Indeg – Ecuador
Indian River Comm.
Jacksonville U.

Midwestern State U.
Millburn Schools, NJ.
Montclair State U.
Northeastern U.
Ohio U.
Phillips Comm College
Princeton U.
University of Al., Anchorage
U of CO. Pharmacy
U of N. Florida
U of S. Carolina
U of S. Maine
U. of Maryland
U. of Vermont
U. of Washington
U. of Wisconsin, Eau-Claire
U of Wyoming
UNC Chapel Hill
Utah State U, HASS
Wendell Foster Campus
Western Oregon U.

Education – Public:
Central Greene SD
Dufferin Peel SD
Edmond USD

Elkhart Comm. Schools
Glenville Elementary
Hondo ISD
John Kelly School
Mendocino USD
Miami-Dade Public
Mount Juliet HS
Pelican Rapids HS
Pioneer HS
Pointers Run Elementary
Potomac Schools
Riverhead High School
Springfield HS
Sunnyslope HS
Young Men’s Prep Academy
Winter Park HS

Education – Services:
Children’s Creative Learning Centers
Creative Achievement Academy
Developing Educational Solutions
DeVry University
Early Childhood Connections
Learning Care Group
Learning Paradigms