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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

There are several different coaching options.  Our most popular are mentioned below:

Intervention – a valuable executive may be struggling to work well, communicate and lead others.  The leader of a team may keep losing team members.  A crisis in the personal life of an executive is damaging the workplace and themselves.  Poor habits and choices are not seen for what they are and are preventing and executive from real performance. Any number of challenges may require an intervention.  As certified Strategic Interventionists, we help individuals in ways that create dramatic shifts in their lives that impacts everyone around them and in every aspect of their life.

360 Degree Feedback – Achieving the next level of awesome is impossible without feedback.  A 360 Degree Feedback coaching engagement provides measurement, personal information and a tool to help gauge success.  A 360 Degree Feedback tool can be useful in many coaching situations, but we have found absolutely critical for good leaders trying to be great.

Productivity Systems Coaching – there are simply too many tasks to complete in one day.  How can you possibly manage them all?  There are systems created around YOU to help you be as efficient as possible.  Most systems require you to change and adapt to the system.  We change as little as possible to help you create an air-tight system.

Managing Energy, NOT Time – time cannot be managed.  It is impossible.  You can only what you get done in the amount of time that you have.  What you can get done is directly related to the amount of energy you can put toward the task.  How much can you get done when you are sick on the couch with the flu?  Not much.  Are you sick on the couch with the flu mentally?  Emotionally?  This is related to Productivity Systems Coaching, but different.  An executive with the perfect task management system will get zero accomplished if they are not managing their energy correctly.  We will teach them how and coach them over time to ensure it ‘sticks’.

Increasing Stress – forget about reducing stress, you need to INCREASE stress.  However, you must increase your recovery techniques as well.  Recovery methodologies MUST be learned and used to build up your resilience to stress.  Just like when beginning to work out your physical body, your emotions and mental state need working out to become stronger and be able to work well under increased stress.

Achieving Results

We believe in results, NOT time.   ‘X’ number of coaching  sessions does not guarantee results and if the result was achieved after two sessions, there is no reason to continue.

All of our coaching engagements are based upon the A to B philosophy:

A – Truly understanding where the coachee is at the moment

B – Achieving a desired outcome


However, we have some structure to the process as outlined below:

Phase 1:  Establishing ‘A’

Interviews – we conduct interviews to ensure we can actually help the person and are the right organization to provide the coaching.

Assessment – after the interview, a formal assessment may be required to ensure we will hit the right ‘target”.

Phase 2:  Establishing ‘B’

Outcomes – All parties agree upon what success looks like (B) and create a ‘finish line’.

Additional Fees – if the coaching is less or more than expected, we review that and ensure we all agree.

Phase 3:  Coaching

Coaching – coach and coachee begin and continue based upon a schedule that makes sense.  Typically, a face-to-face meeting occurs, if at all possible, and then every medium available is considered to maximize the coaching itself.

Completion – based on the ‘finish line’ created in the interviews and assessment, both coach and coachee should know when the finish line has been achieved.

Phase 4:  Maintaining Success

Follow Up – we NEVER simply walk away without following up to ensure the coaching was a long-term success and the desired outcomes are maintained.

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