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Leading the Organization

Leaders at the top challenge
the status quo.


At the top, everything looks different.  This is true for leadership as well.

As a visionary for the organization, you must masterfully mix the long-term vision with short-term execution and needs.  Balancing these two is an art and a science.  We can help you with both.

New Challenges:

  • Responsible for the overall strategic direction of the organization.
  • Aligning across the organization.
  • Leader and executive persona.
  • Create strong executive team of superstars with one agenda.
  • Communicate as the top leader.

New Core Applications:

  • Masterful visionary.
  • Powerful story teller that can convey multiple stories to varying groups across the organization.
  • Aligning divisions across organization under unifying and compelling vision of the future.
  • Fully developed, natural leader with personal charisma.

Popular solutions designed for these leaders:

  • Top Leader’s Mastermind – a small group of leaders in a structured setting who put their greatest talents, skills and experience to solving each others greatest challenges.
  • Coaching – every kind of coaching makes sense for this leader, depending upon which application areas and competency are most required.
  • X3 – Extreme Executive Experience – challenge yourself to complete a 100% ‘overhaul’ of your life system elements – productivity (mental), peak performance (physical), dream machine (emotional) managing energy (spiritual), with the completion of your year-long experience occurring by completing a triathlon.  Download Informational Brochure.  This can be as an individual OR as an entire executive team!
  • Shakubuku – Unique experiences for leaders seeking to be challenged in every way possible.  Participation is open to other similar leaders for networking and follow up support.  Shakubuku events are a minimum of 3 days.  You will never be the same again.
  • Team Shakubuku – your executive team will go through a Shakubuku experience together and leave completely changed forever.  Team Coaching typically follows this experience.

You don’t have to be alone at the top.

Schedule a strategy session and learn how we can help you solve your toughest challenges.

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