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Leading Leaders

Leading Leaders.

Good leaders let everyone be superheroes.

Experienced leaders with managers or professionals as direct reports.

New Challenges for Leading Leaders:

  • Developing leaders in the team.
  • Managing ‘politics’.
  • Creating a high performing team.
  • Collaboration vs. competition.
  • Managing budgets.

New Core Applications for Leading Leaders:

  • Strong coaching skills to systematically develop leaders.
  • Airtight systems for productivity and managing tasks.
  • Managing energy to stay at peak effectiveness.
  • Taking risks appropriately and consistently.
  • Solid execution methodologies to achieve meaningful results.

Popular ‘Applications’ for Leaders:

  • Individual Coaching – everyone needs support in various areas of their lives from time to time.  Coaching decreases the learning curve as you become a better leader, helping you be more effective and trusted.
  • Team Coaching – we will help you take your team to the NEXT LEVEL with one of our expert coaches.
  • Wake Up Productive – with one of our expert coaches, you will create an airtight system to help you track every task occurring in your sphere.  This system is flexible in design and fits around you so your actual behavioral shift is minor but and incredible increase in productivity and creativity.
  • Achieving Results through Engaged Execution – become excellent at identifying and accomplishing mission critical projects.  This will teach you and your team how to establish the top 3 goals for the department, establish lead and lag measures while directly connecting daily activities to reaching the goal.
  • Creating and Managing Effective Change – learning a model of change based on the Legendary Operating System and Core Applications.  The same principles apply and can be used for any change initiative.  We can facilitate the change or coach you through the process.
  • Creating the Engagement Spiral – a system for hiring, engaging, empowering, enabling and measuring for increased engagement across the organization.
  • Shakubuku – Unique experiences for leaders seeking to be challenged in every way possible.  Participation is open to other similar leaders for networking and follow up support.  Shakubuku events are a minimum of 3 days.  You will never be the same again.

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