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Leading the Division

Leaders share their vision with absolute clarity.


Sharing your vision with clarity is one of the hallmarks of a great leader at this level.

Bringing together and leading a group of superstar leaders can be challenging.  Re-examining your operating system is key as well as aligning some important new applications.

New Challenges:

  • Establishing vision for the division that is in alignment the organization.
  • Effectively communicating the vision and creating emotional buy-in.
  • Leading the change process effectively.
  • Leading superstars and molding them into a high-performing team.

New Core Applications:

  • Becoming a visionary.
  • Strategic thinking connected to tactical execution.
  • Master of engaging people and building teams.
  • Identifying opportunities and learning to say ‘no’ to great ones.

Popular ‘Applications’ designed for these leaders:

  • Natural Leadership Immersion – the LOS and App discovery and integration process for lifelong leadership growth.  These fundamentals are incredibly important at this level and must be the foundation for all applications.
  • Wake Up Productive – with one of our expert coaches, you will create an airtight system to help you track every task occurring in your sphere.  This system is flexible in design and fits around you so your actual behavioral shift is minor but and incredible increase in productivity and creativity.
  • Coaching – every kind of coaching makes sense for this leader, depending upon which application areas and competency are most required.
  • X3 – Extreme Executive Experience – challenge yourself to complete a 100% ‘overhaul’ of your life system elements – productivity (mental), peak performance (physical), dream machine (emotional) managing energy (spiritual), with the completion of your year-long experience occurring by completing a personalized challenge.
  • Shakubuku – Unique experiences for leaders seeking to be challenged in every way possible.  Participation is open to other similar leaders for networking and follow up support.  Shakubuku events are a minimum of 3 days.  You will never be the same again.

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