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Natural Leader Immersion

Natural Leader Immersion

Key Benefits of Natural Leader Immersion

  • Immersion is widely known as the best way to learn something new.
  • Receive intimate and personal coaching and development to deepen your leadership ‘operating system’ and connect it with what you are already doing.
  • All inclusive experience with lodging, food, transportation (except airfare) so leaders can focus on themselves.
  • Understanding of how to continually shape your mindset for growth and learning.
  • Learn to actively develop, deepen and repair trust with anyone.
  • Develop productive habits that will reinforce your natural leader.
  • Naturally challenge the status quo and innovate.
  • Complete understanding of your Legendary Operating System (LOS) and Core Applications.
  • Focus and re-discovery of your foundation of leadership.
  • Develop relationships authentically as a natural leader.
  • Ability to translate the LOS and applications to ANY situation to make better choices as a leader.

Currently closed for open enrollment.  We are providing internal workshops for large organizations.  If you are interested in having your leaders go through our workshop, please contact us!


Length: 3.5 Days
Tuition: $4,795
$3,995 for Early Bird Registration

Dates & Locations:

San Diego, CA
March 23-26
Boulder, CO
May 11-14
Lake Tahoe
July 20-22
3 Spots Available
St Petersburg, FL
October 5 – 7

Immersion Location Examples

Everyone stays in the same location but has their own bedroom.  This allows for structured and unstructured opportunities to occur and to deepen relationships far beyond a normal workshop.

The venues chosen for the Natural Leader Immersion are, simply put, incredible.  We maximize the natural setting at every opportunity whether it is the beach, mountains, lake or snow.  While it may seem like a vacation, the beauty of the location is simply for maximum relaxation during down times.

  1. maui-rentals-the-beach-house-at-baby-beach-170853-f2
  2. MountainLodge_15-11
  1. beach-house-design-basic-4-on-house-design-ideas
  2. beach-house-perfect-design-1-on-house-design-ideas
  1. ocean-home-detached-guest-house-1-exterior
  2. Vista_Verde_Lodge_Great_Room
  1. colorado-style-mountain-house
  2. Mountain_Estates
  1. mountain-glass-house-1
  2. mountain-house-with-winter-snow
  1. Mountain-Home-1
  2. rafteryexterior2-1333399368

Detailed Information

What do I Receive?

  • Two and a half days of professional leadership training with our Founder and CEO, James Carter
  • 30 days of group coaching following workshop.  Apply what you learned, receive personal support and be part of an accountability system to guarantee the learning ‘sticks’
  • One year membership in The Facilitation Center – continually updated information on activities, resources, tools, training and techniques
  • Copy of ‘Roadmap to Success‘, authored by James Carter, Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard
  • Copy of ‘Discover Your Inner Strength‘, authored by James Carter, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy and others.
  • Eligibility to participate in our invite-only workshops, experiences and summits without applying.
  • All lodging, meals and travel (except airfare) are included.  Each person will have an individual room, but as it is an immersion experience, everyone stays in an incredible location.

Legendary Operating System (LOS):

Elements in a leader that are  permanent or semi-permanent.  Three core elements are always ‘working behind-the-scenes’ and influencing every application.  These elements are the ‘Why’ in our lives:

  • Mindset – interaction between Awareness, Beliefs and Courage to create a foundation that frames every experience and interaction  a leader will have.
  • Trust – Highly developed trust in one’s self comes from knowing and developing your LOS.  You must trust yourself in order to trust others.
  • Habits – Positive and productive habits that will naturally lead me down the road to be a great leader.



Core Leadership Applications:

Actions taken based up on the nature of each individual, style and circumstance and are ‘How’ and ‘What’ questions we may ask about leadership.  These applications are easily changed depending if the Legendary Operating System is trusted.

  • Communication – How is my communication going to impact the outcomes?  What if I changed it slightly for a better outcome?  What would I need to do?
  • Continual Learning – What am learning about right now?  What am I reading?
  • Influence – How am I influencing this person (as a coach, for example)?  What could I do differently to help create a different outcome?

What will we do?

You will:

  • Spend very little time in didactic, classroom-style learning.
  • Spend a great deal of time in discussion in various group size.
  • Need to challenge yourself, take risks and be willing to move beyond where you are comfortable.
  • Be happily exhausted when you leave.
  • Be ready to authentically lead yourself and others.




Overall Agenda

You will begin at 8:30 AM and end at 5:30 PM, unless the group, NOT the facilitator, changes the agenda onsite. You will have some time to eat, but we are not exactly sure when. There will be breaks, but when the group decides we need one!

We leave the agenda details open for the very same reason we do not facilitate with an agenda, we will leave the learning up to you! While there are certain ‘classroom’ elements that will, and must, occur to give everyone a baseline of knowledge, you will help direct which elements receive the most attention.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Natural Leader is for leaders at ALL levels, including those who are leading themselves and no one else at this point.

It is very common to have entrepreneurs, CEOs and line managers all in the same workshop.  This is part of the power of Natural Leadership – we are ALL human first.  Yet, we tend to let our role or title BECOME who we believe we are, which is altogether unnatural.

Coming together as a mixed group allows us to easily see how we fall into ‘traps’ (senior leaders ‘mentoring’ younger leaders IN the workshop) and also our natural strengths (senior leaders ‘mentoring’ younger leaders IN the workshop).  It is very interesting that our strength can also be our ‘trap’.  Don’t worry, we cover that!

Additional Options

The option can be very useful for the development of the leader:

  • 360 Degree Assessment
  • Individual Effectiveness Coaching
  • X3 Launch

Please contact us for more information about including these options with the Natural Leader Immersion.


Those eligible to apply are leaders from:

State and Local Governments
501(c)(3) Non-Profits Organizations
NGOs and INGOs

Seats for scholarships are limited and based on individual need, type of organization, and program availability.