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Share Your BEST with the World!

How do you REALLY do this? Two things, which we break down into pieces to make it manageable:

  1. Discover Your Best, your Operating System. Look deep inside yourself. What is your absolute best? What you know, but don’t tell yourself or others, is that you have hidden the very best of who you are.
  2. Share Your Best, your Applications. How can you take your best and share it with the ‘world’? Can you make a living from it? Is it simple an ideal – a way of living? Then you define your world.

If your best is HIDDEN, you cannot share it.

Below is a short video/story about how your ‘Best’ may be hidden.

5 Reasons to Attend this Teleseminar:

1. Take your life to the next level. This is for those people who have experienced ‘Inspired’. By Inspired, I mean you have glimpsed an incredible potential future. And then, for whatever reason, you didn’t follow through. Or maybe you did follow through and are ready to take your life to the next level. If you have never had that moment of inspiration and wanted more, this is not a good use of your time.

2. This is the first time, EVER, we will be providing this to individuals. While we have been working with corporations for years with this material, we are now ready to bring this to you!

3. We have discovered/uncovered/unlocked the 7 basic principles that legendary people have taken to achieve wild success in their life. This seminar will cover the Roadmap to Legendary and show you, step by step, how to create a legendary life and legacy.

4. Join a tribe of aspiring legends making a difference in the world, supporting one another and working with one another to consciously shift the nature of our world.

5. Draw a line in the timeline of your life, the before and after your awareness has been raised to your full potential and the day you decided to share your best and Be Legendary!

What is Covered?

The 7 Principles of the Roadmap to Legendary:

Your Operating System

Week #1, Creating the Mindset of a LegendPerspective
What do legendary people do? How do they think? And how YOU can do the exact same thing!

Week #2, Purpose Discovery Process
What is your Legendary Intent? Complete this statement, “If I accomplish NOTHING else, I will ______”.

Week #3, The Wealth Factor
Finding & Creating ‘Wealth’, the abundance, in your life and using your current wealth to solve your greatest challenges. Wealth is NOT necessarily cash.

Your Life Applications

Week #4, Rapid Results Accelerator
What is the ONE behavior/habit that will accelerate your results you most want and resonate with your Legendary Intent (From Step #2)? How do you know which one it is? What are some examples of habits that change everything else?

Week #5, Live Outside Your Shell, the 100-Day Transformation
Using the Discovery Steps, you will create a plan to completely change your life by living outside your shell. This is the single greatest point of shifting your life and the need for support of your *NEW* tribe will be essential. While we will spend only a week on this step, you will have access to our Tribe Facebook page to ask questions, ask for support and create meaningful relationships with others attempting to make this shift.

Week #6, Share Your Umbrella
Take the very best of who you are into your community and engaging with those around you to create something that is uniquely *YOU* is one of the most gratifying steps. In this step, you are actively and intentionally impacting the word around you.

Week #7, Legendary Legacy
A Legendary Legacy is something we all aspire to and can achieve. It is simply a matter of desire and commitment. When you are acting upon your Legendary Intent (Step #2), many people say they feel absolutely compelled to take action. They MUST find a way to make their intent a reality. This is the birthplace of ‘legacy’. Hearing about how ‘normal’ people have created incredible legacies are designing your own – beginning with the end in mind – is the best part of your Legendary Legacy.

Week #8, Stories, Success, Support , Q& A
This week is dedicated to hearing your stories of living outside your shell, what is working, what is challenging. We will also have a special guest!

How Does the Teleseminar Series work?

1. Join our Be Legendary Facebook page.

Support one another through the 8 weeks by asking questions, offering help, telling your stories about what is working and what is challenging. The Facebook page is invite only and will be continually monitored by James Carter to offer personal support.

2. Complete your ‘homework’ prior to each call.

Each week you will have ‘homework’ to complete on the step we be covering. The more you know about what is coming, the more meaningful the call will be for you. You spend as much or as little time as you like on your ‘homework’.

3. Send in your work possible feedback in the live teleseminar.

Those who turn in their assignments to James at least 24 hours in advance of the next session and who are in attendance at that session are eligible for James interaction and feedback. James choose one or two people’s work for review with the group during the teleseminar.

4. Attend the 8 live sessions, bring your questions!

You’ll attend the 8-part live teleseminars with Be Legendary Founder, CEO and author, James Carter, and other participants. Each session will be 60 minutes with time for Q&A after each one.

5. Get feedback from the Be Legendary Tribe on Facebook.

Listening the teleseminar is one thing. Putting the learning into action can be daunting. Fear not! As soon as you sign up, you will get access to our Be Legendary: The Tribe closed group on Facebook. You can turn to the group for help, assistance, support and guidance.

6. Launch your Legendary Life

Get ready to launch your legendary self to the world in your 100-Day Live Outside Your Shell challenge.

What Does it Cost? What Do I Receive?

Fee: $997 for all eight weeks (James’ daily fee is $10,000 – seriously) and invite a friend for free!

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What you receive:

  • Eight weeks of life-changing information.
  • Invite a friend, colleague, child – anyone you want – for free. We ALL learn better with a buddy. Someone you can talk to about what you have learned and how to implement it. Someone to hold you accountable for the agreements you make with yourself. We also want you to be able to share this with as many people as possible.
  • Attendance to this teleseminar as many times as you like, forever!
  • One 60-minute presentations, plus Q&A on each Step.
  • PDFs of Presentations for you to keep and pass along to anyone you like.
  • Recorded calls after the call, access emailed to you automatically for download or streaming.
  • Unlimited access to The Roadmap to Legendary teleseminar as often as you want. If you need to hear again, have more questions, want to refine your Roadmap, we want you back!
  • Permanent access to the Be Legendary: The Tribe Facebook closed group. This is a group of aspiring legends all supporting one another and providing a risk-free zone for you to ask and offer help to those who are trying to create something amazing in the world.
  • A signed copy of both Roadmap to Success and Discover Your Inner Strength, from co-author James Carter.
  • Discounts on future offerings from Be Legendary. What do we have coming?
  1. Eligibility to attend our Be Legendary Summit in 2015, an invite-only 3-day gathering of people sharing their best with the world. Your teleseminar fee will be 100% discounted toward the Summit, should you attend.
  2. Travel with a group of like-minded people to make a difference in the world. We are setting up a trip to Africa and Haiti right now and will be assisting entrepreneurs to set up small businesses – a help up not a hand out.
  3. Personalized individual and VIP group coaching,
  4. Legendary Mastermind – going to be incredible!


Enrollment in the Roadmap series, PLUS include a single session of coaching directly from James Carter.

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Enrollment in the Roadmap series, PLUS, include four coaching sessions directly from James Carter.

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Enrollment in the Roadmap series, PLUS, include a coaching session each week directly from James Carter.

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Coaching Sessions:

After you purchase, you will receive an email with a link to James personal calendar and you can book the time that works for you.

Typical coaching sessions run by a certain period of time – 60 minutes, 90 minutes, etc. – however, that is not the case here. Your session will last as long as is necessary for you to achieve the knowledge you need to be ready to complete your step.

If you run out of time on the calendar, James will reschedule with you while on the phone to continue the conversation.

We ALL want you to succeed and make the necessary shifts in your life to put you on a road to legendary. Maybe that takes 15 minutes, maybe 3 hours. We care about results, not time.

When is this happening?

The series will begin Wednesday April 23rd and continue for 8 weeks. Every Wednesday at 5:00 PM Mountain time.

If you miss the teleseminar, do not worry! Each one will be recorded and available to you to listen when it is best for you.

Who is James Carter?

James Carterjlc_shadow is the Founder and CEO of Be Legendary.

In this role, he advises senior leaders of organizations how to create and achieve legendary results and speaks to audiences about how to achieve a legendary life.

James has authored books with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Deepak Chopra and Brian Tracy, Roadmap to Success and Discover Your Inner Strength.

After 10 years of research and experience into legendary moment and legendary people, James uncovered the principles surrounding the Roadmap to Legendary. Through speaking, consulting, coaching and facilitating, his goal is to share the principles with as many people as possible and help each person create legendary shift in their life.

James delivers keynotes, provides consulting and coaching to organizations and business around the world. He has worked with thousands of executives from Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, American Express, Novartis, Samsung, US Army and DaVita, among others.

CNN, Forbes, Successful Meetings, HR Magazine and many other publications have written articles, conducted interviews and embraced what is possible when we begin to think about ‘legendary’.

In his engagements, he aims to empower every level of the organization by educating every individual on the Roadmap to Legendary and helping each person experience what ‘legendary feels like.

I wish I could say you are following my example, but you are not. I am working through these steps as well, aspiring to achieve a legacy of worth and a life of value.

I have is a tremendous amount of experience meeting and interviewing incredible people who are well on their legendary road and making a huge impact upon their world.

James Carter