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Strategic Intervention

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You are here because you need help.

You can help yourself, but it will be messy.

Strategic Intervention

Strategic Intervention is the systematic implementation of human change to achieve a desired result.

Any time you need to create human change with real consequences, we can help.

The scale of the intervention can be simple to complex.  Examples we have addressed several times are:

  • An entire executive team ‘warring’ with each other
  • Two critical leaders who simply cannot work well together
  • Reduce ‘burnout’ among key staff
  • Get two or more ‘warring’ departments work together, share best practices and be part of the same ‘team
  • Shift / increase a key metric such as employee engagement
  • Turn red ink into black
  • Complete organizational turnaround
  • Achieve Good to Great – quite possibly the most challenging of all

Bad News

Regardless of your situation, the solution will need to be carefully thought out and designed specifically for you and your organization.  There is no one-size-fits-all program, easy ‘fix’ or magic wand to create transformation when a strategic intervention is necessary.

Good News

For the most part, people are fairly predictable.  We are all motivated in a predictable way, we hurt in similar ways and at our deepest core, need the same things.  We have far more in common than what separates us, no matter the age, culture or gender.

Another ‘Truth’ to Deal with in Strategic Interventions

Good is the bitter enemy of great.  The situation must be fairly dire for everyone to come together and be willing to do what it takes to turn the situation around.  If you have a team that is doing ‘okay’ or even ‘well’, resistance will be extremely high.

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