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Experience is the best teacher.

So we set out to become the BEST in the world at creating them.

And, humbly, we made it.

Three Common Starting Points:


From setting Guinness World Records with 6,000 people to meetings of 25, our experiences will fill up the hearts of your participants.

Equally important is the direct connection to daily life so they can apply what they have just done and recreate legendary experiences in their own life – at work and at home!

Our experiences are far beyond typical ‘team building’ and into the realm of magic.


For individual leaders, our Shakubuku is the ultimate exploration experience.  A version of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, you select the basic experience and the rest is a bit of a secret.  Shakubuku will challenge you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and yes, physically.  We cannot guarantee any specific epiphany.  Our only guarantee is you will never be the same and the people you meet will become part of your lifetime tribe.

As a alum of Shakubuku, you will also be invited to the Ultimate Shakubuku experiences.


Extreme retreats are most useful in one of two areas:

  1. An executive team in need of an intervention.
  2. An executive team that is ‘stuck’ and trying to be great.

Written up in CNN, Business Insider and more, our Extreme Retreats are highly experiential and designed to get the team to cross a divide in which they can never go back.  Along the way, the team finds their collective ‘soul’ and reunites as one.

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Is your company
missing that *SOMETHING*?

We create Experiences for the Soul, connecting heart and mind to outcomes!

A few of the hundreds of clients from every industry and all sizes who trust us.

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