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About Us

About Us

Company Summary:
We are a true social enterprise that ties philanthropy with every service we offer.  Giving back to the community cannot be separated from what we do or our service is not possible.  We have intentionally stayed a for profit company to show that companies can be for-profit, for purpose at the same time.  Being a social enterprise means we can continue impacting the world and share our best without requiring outside funding.

Connect businesses with their communities and give back to underprivileged children through meaningful experiences.

Create a worldwide positive action epidemic, shifting our consciousness from the negative view we have been taught and trained to one of appreciation.

Be Legendary Summary:
Legendary is a principle to integrate into everything you do.  We all have different ideas of what ‘legendary’ is and our goal is not to teach you what is and is not legendary.  We want to help you realize your legendary potential and take action.

Our Company Values

Share Your Umbrella

You have a gift.  To share that gift you must offer your gift, sometimes taking a large risk that you may be rejected.  Commit to sharing your umbrella at every opportunity.

Be Grateful

Have an appreciative mentality and be grateful for all the wealth we have in our lives.


Family Focused

When given a choice, there is no need for thought:

Family First

Be Humble

Follow in the footsteps of true legendary people and be really awesome at being humble.


Find Your Pennies

We can all make a difference.  Most of the time, the difference will be small with little ‘value’, like pennies.  Every one adds up.  Our lives are the accumulation of the small ‘penny’ actions.

Be a Learner

Have the mindset of a learner means continual, life-long growth.  Learn from mistakes.


We began as Repario – Latin meaning to ‘rediscover or find again’, in 2003.  And for 3 years before that, as The Carter Group.

Since that time, we have been working on helping each person rediscover the very best of who they are.

We have focused upon corporate America because, frankly, that is where the money is!  We have been using ‘team building’ events and training as an experiment lab.  Thank you corporate America!

In 2010, we changed our name go Be Legendary and focused on sharing our research about legendary people and creating legendary teams.

We have facilitated our events in front of over 1,000,000 people and MANY other statistics that are really only for credibility.  To be frank, we know our stuff and have tested our Roadmap against Fortune 10 companies and their executive teams.  The research holds up.  You know why?  Because each one of us is human with the same needs, fear and educational system as our backbone.

In the meantime, our Founder James Carter, has written books with Steven Covey, Ken Blanchard, Deepak Chopra and Brian Tracy.  But that is blatant credibility-building.  Let’s get back to what is REALLY important.

In truth, we work in corporations with MUCH greater effectiveness due directly to our research and experimentation.  Corporate America has a great deal of influence and we want to make that influence incredibly positive, wherever we can and whenever we can.

That being said, we need to impact EVERY generation to truly change the world and create the incredible future we see.  Corporate America can help us achieve that!  There are GREAT people in corporations who see the potential future we do and want to help make that a reality.  In many ways, they already are!

So, let’s not jump on the “corporations are evil’ bandwagon.  Let’s work with the ones that are positively impacting the world and pressure the rest into becoming AWESOME corporate citizens.

This world is not only possible, it is INEVITABLE.  It WILL occur. What role will YOU play in making that a reality?

I hope we meet and are able to help you achieve your own version of ‘Legendary’.