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If You Impact the Lives of 1 Billion People, are YOU Legendary?

Malaria Hunter GameHow can you impact the lives of 1,000,000,000 people?  Is that possible? Do you believe, deep down, that you can have that kind of positive impact?

YOU CAN!  Thanks to a SUPER cool game that lets you help diagnose malaria patients.  Currently the diagnosis is at 60% accuracy.  Through this game and with your help, they are pushing 90% accuracy in diagnosis!

We have absolutely NO stake in this game other than we think it is absolutely cool and play it ourselves.  It takes a little learning to diagnose correctly, as it should.  Once you get it, the game itself is addicting.  The fact that you are helping 1,000,000,000 people is legendary!

“Rapid diagnosis will lead to quicker treatment of malaria and lives saved. This isn’t just a game…this is life.  An incredibly fun and entertaining game. You won’t even realize you’re saving lives around the world!”

Go check it out.



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