Improving the Lives of Truckers

Improving the Lives of Truckers

Improving the Health of Truckers

This past Christmas season, I had the pleasure of experiencing a sub-culture of American life  I knew nothing about – the life of a trucker.  The experience was priceless for several reasons and a long, fun story I may write about at one point.

You know the saying, “in a world of blind men, the one-eyed man is king.”

In the world of truckers, I am a fit, workout madman!  It felt strangely awesome compared to the crazy ultra-fit community of Boulder, CO.  While I have some extra poundage, truckers are definitely on the ‘well-fed’ side.

Then I watched this video and a crystal clear thought hit me.  Again.  The only limits to Sharing Your Umbrella are your own ideas and imagination.



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