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Your Last Sunday

What if this were your last Sunday, ever? How would you look at Monday now? Are you going to roll through this next week like you did the previous one? Or would you BE a different person? Are you leaving behind a legacy that would make you feel proud? Have you achieved your ridiculously incredible dreams […]

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What Would You Do with Trash Dumped by YOUR House?

What Would You Do with Trash Dumped by YOUR House? Greg Kloehn is a great example of how natural leaders "Share Your Umbrella". How would you feel about people dumping truckloads of trash and debris in your neighborhood?  What if your neighborhood was also a haven for the homeless? This is what Greg Kloehn faced [...]
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Get Outside the Box

The people who are having the greatest impact upon the world challenge the box itself. In fact, you began life challenging the box. Children, including YOU, are born without a box. Children color outside the lines and look at everything completely differently than we do. We point to children as great examples of sheer creativity […]

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Dad said, “Girls Get Married”, Mom said “Stop Wasting Your Time”

Remy Jose decided to skip ‘thinking outside the box’ and challenged the box itself. It all happened because Remya’s mother fell ill during her 10th standard exams and her father was undergoing cancer treatment. She had to change three buses while going to and coming from school and spend about two hours each way. As […]

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