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Get Outside the Box

The people who are having the greatest impact upon the world challenge the box itself. In fact, you began life challenging the box. Children, including YOU, are born without a box. Children color outside the lines and look at everything completely differently than we do. We point to children as great examples of sheer creativity […]

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Dad said, “Girls Get Married”, Mom said “Stop Wasting Your Time”

Remy Jose decided to skip ‘thinking outside the box’ and challenged the box itself. It all happened because Remya’s mother fell ill during her 10th standard exams and her father was undergoing cancer treatment. She had to change three buses while going to and coming from school and spend about two hours each way. As […]

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Failing is not always a Failure

Many of us go through a hard time coping up with our failures, disappointments or problems in our life. But this shouldn’t stop us from attaining our dreams in life. Did you know that some of the most inspiring people in the world have failed miserably at least one time in their lives? If you […]

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Sleeping On Strangers On The Subway

On October 31st, 2013 a photo by Reddit user Braffination went viral. A man named Isaac allowed a stranger to sleep on his shoulder for over half an hour. Now, Charidy wants to see how many people would do the same...     Share your thoughts on the comment box below! What would you have [...]
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Who is this Man?

The Janitor

Picture someone legendary. Who comes to mind? … If you are like most people, you thought of someone like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan.  The list goes on… A few years ago, a young reporter noticed his little town had completely filled up with people one day – the town was […]

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