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Starbucks College

Starbucks Plans to Send Its Employees to College for Free

Many corporations use ‘Social Responsibility’ for PR purposes and to make themselves look good to their customers to generate goodwill and increase sales. Starbucks knows what they are doing. They are clearly focused on doing well (business metrics) by doing good for their people and just launched full tuition reimbursement for their partners (employees) with […]

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transparent snail

Engaged Employees are in a Marriage, not a J-O-B

Just like our little snail above, every organization has the potential to be legendary.  You can go far, and fast and achieve incredible results, but not with a heavy shell holding you back.  Excuse me, I am sorry, ‘protecting’ you. Legendary is extreme, unreasonable, unrealistic, ludicrous and for many ‘impossible’. That is certainly ‘truth’ from […]

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