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The right kind of light may be all you need...
We are the best in the world at creating experiences that

Connect your people to the
soul of your company.

Conferences & Large Scale Events

From Guinness World Records to initiatives to hundreds of experiences rolled out in a tight timeline to a single large event, we have executed it flawlessly.

You may need to theme a conference and make the theme experiential in as many ways possible – yep, done that many times!

What about increasing participant engagement in every way imaginable?  Oh yes, we can help you with that.

Bottom line, you are bringing people together and need to make it unforgettable.  You need to call us!

Leadership Development

Gathering leaders together to become better is expensive.  And ridiculously important.  Do not waste their time on silly activities that insult their intelligence.  Leaders have an enormous capacity to shape the lives of so many people.  Help them experience what that feels like.

From redesigning year-long executive development to bringing your content to life, we have done it many times and can help you too!

A recent client with office worldwide and high on the list of Fortune 100 Best Companies said they hired us because we are ‘the voice of crazy’.  We realized they are right.  We are fearless in what we will do with people to help them experience ‘legendary’ and help them shift their lives and the lives of those they touch.

Training & Development

Every company has training and lets be honest, most of it really sucks.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Years and years ago when dinosaurs roamed the classroom, we audited a sexual harassment course, 3 times on a single day for a blue collar, male dominated department.  Obviously, we didn’t commit suicide but it was the most awful two hours, three times in a row, we have EVER experienced.

On the ride home, we redesigned the workshop and ran it the next day for our client.  Participant engagement was through the roof and we had to kick out the participants at the end.  In the follow-up surveys, the participants said it was the best ‘team building’ they had ever had.

We swore that day to save as many people as possible from horrible training.  Do we need to help with your people too?

Employee Engagement

We love this little chestnut.  What load of bullshit most of these ‘programs’ truly are.  Every executive wants the statistics that come along with high employee engagement but have absolutely NO clue that intention and effort are necessary to make it work.

We understand true employee engagement and while we cannot help you with every aspect of the program you are designing, we can help you find your company’s soul and help people live it, connecting hear and mind to outcome.  THAT is engagement.