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Executive Team Coaching

Create Your Executive Dream Team

Why do you need a Team Coach?

Most leadership teams interact constantly in areas of comfort – tactical, execution, get stuff done areas – which is great when trust is high and communication is fantastic.  However, we know that is rarely the case.

Occasionally the executive team will go on a retreat or something similar, calling it ‘team building’.  The expectation is simply by spending time togetherd they will come together through bonding.  This is like working out once a year and expecting to be able to run a marathon at any time and set records.

There is no sports team in the world that does not have a coach.  These coaches go over and over the smallest actions and routines in the practice, from conditioning to full-blown practice games.  For executive teams:

  • When does this ‘practice’ happen on an executive team on any regular basis?
  • When do you practice communicating, practice deepening trust and so many more ‘soft skills’ that are hallmarks of a high-performing team?  Answer:  never.

In a group sport, the smallest routines and rituals create trust among the players.  Without consistent conditioning, their performance would suffer.  On your executive team:

  • How do you actively support one another?
  • How are you treating your bodies and what are you putting in it?
  • What brules (short for bullshit rules) does your team have that negatively impacts your performance but no one can challenge?  For example, staying late means you care more (but suffer due to limited family time, time to physically work out or do other

These are just a small handfull of leadership team challenges that one of our Team Coaches can help you solve and increase performance of individuals and the team.

Sports teams practice 98% of the time and perform 2% of the time.  Executive teams perform 99.xx% of the time and leave almost no time for practice.  Yet, everyone expects VERY high performance from the team.

Can you see the disconnect?

However, what you have that sports don’t is the reality that you are performing ALL the time.  You don’t want to spend an enormous amount of time practicing doing the work because then the work never gets done!  What you need is someone to help you stop for a brief moment, look at performance something recent, examine the results, examine the process to get the results and simply answer the question, “Is that what I/we want?”  The coach can help reinforce what is working and help make changes to what is not.

Leadership teams that are performing at a high level need someone to help them keep their edge.

Leadership teams that have conflict, miscommunciation, blurry lines of responsibility and any other of the dozens of challenges you face absolutely MUST have someone to help them get back on track.

Team Coaches help the group step back from the day-to-day on a regular basis to work on being a team. This happens on an individual and team level. Team Coaches are able to keep their eye on the business of being a team and help the team practice the small routines and rituals that lead to success.

We have three levels of Team Coaching, from low touch to high touch.

We have three basic, tailorable levels:

A great solution to begin providing legendary support for your team.  You will be assigned a Team Coach who will provide:

  • Single day, 4 to 6 hour initial offsite
  • 15-20 hours of ad hoc phone and email coaching with Team Coach each month
  • Paid enrollment for each person to any Natural Leader workshop.
  • Individual initial interviews with each executive to create personal improvement plan with monthly follow up with Team Coach and each person
  • Access to The DIY Team Center to help leaders build their own teams.
  • Analysis of all data, survey information or any information that relates to the team and organization
  • Highly organized, monthly 75 minute video conference with Team Coach
  • Individual formal coaching recommendations (separate billing)
  • Option for regularly scheduled training sessions on communication, productivity, collaboration, decision making, stress and more.

A complete solution with one Be Legendary Coach and offsite Be Legendary staff support:

  • 2.5 Day initial offsite retreat
  • Everything included in Limited Coaching option
  • Human Operating Systems (HOS) and Applications Analysis
  • Strategic team development plan each year
  • Coaching and development plan for each individual each year
  • Single day, 4 to 6 hour, offsite each quarter
  • Bi-Monthly 75 minute team coaching video conference

A Be Legendary Champion, Team Coach and every Be Legendary staff member you need, onsite and offsite, to ensure your transformation.

  • Everything included in Limited and Comprehensive Coaching options
  • 3-4 day initial Team Shakubuku experience
  • 3 days onsite every month for team coaching, meeting facilitation, personal coaching and assistance in execution where applicable
  • Individual and team Strategic Intervention plan
  • Unlimited phone and email coaching
  • Unlimited formal individual coaching, as necessary
  • 24-hour offsite in every business quarter, roughly noon to noon
  • Option for family assistance for each executives with all the services available – we cannot guarantee success if we are only helping a person in one part of their lives!

Team Coaching is a monthly service to help you achieve the results you need.

  1. Contact us for a strategy session to tailor the three levels of coaching.
  2. You select the level of coaching.
  3. We begin planning the initial offsite, individual interviews and reviewing data.
  4. Coaching begins with offsite!
  5. You may change your level of coaching every three months or cancel it altogether.

Schedule a complimentary strategy session today and begin building a legendary executive team!

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