TeamwoRx - Be Legendary

Take the guesswork out of building high-performance teams remotely.

Use science-backed data analytics and targeted engagement to help teams reach their greatest potential.

Step 1

'Install' predictive people analytics

A data analytics platform will help your leaders continually predict and enhance their people and teams, hire EXACTLY the right person (internally or externally) and MUCH more.  This data-driven system helps leaders make good decisions.

Step 2

Consistent team building via 'Workouts'

High-touch tailored content, virtually or in person, delivered by your staff or ours on a regular ‘workout schedule’ to INSPIRE your team become stronger in EXACTLY the way the team needs to reach high-performance.  This content – trust, conflict, creativity – is driven by what your team needs MOST, right now.

Step 3

Evaluate and Diagnose

Evaluate and diagnose your team on a regular basis to tailor the next schedule of workouts.  This consistent feedback loop will keep your team on the right track and performing as high as possible.

How TeamwoRx Works

Launch the
Predictive Analytics

Train leaders how to use the
analytics and critical insights
for optimizing your talent

We coach your leaders to
engage your people using
our proven content & guidance

Consistently measure metrics/results
over 6 – 12 months to identify
improvements, gaps and bright spots

Ensure you are 100%
self-sufficient with your
TeamwoRx System

Be Legendary transitions
out with a celebration

TeamwoRx is
now part of your culture,
tweak as necessary & we are
available should you need us

System for Your Most 'Valuable' Asset

You’re spending time, money and energy measuring the critical areas of your business – sales, operations, marketing, finances – so why not your most critical resource?

The best business strategy in the world fails without people to execute it and create results.

TeamwoRx will put your people system in place so you can finally measure, predict and enhance your most valuable asset.  Just like the other critical areas of your business.

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